You’ll Know I’m There – Official Music Video

The video for Billy Kay’s “You’ll Know I’m There” was released today! Pirates! Planes! Bikers! Featuring local “stars” at local locations. Filmed in Hi-Def. Best viewed in full screen. Enjoy!

Staring Alicia and Rocky as the pirate couple

Staring Bree and Asmo as the young fireplace couple

Staring Joe and Michelle as the biker couple

Staring Alison and Rick as the plane couple

Directed by TV2KLBC’s Mackenzie Covert

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

All proceeds from the mp3 downloads and streams of “You’ll Know I’m There” are donated to The River Fund in perpetuity.

“You’ll Know I’m There” is available on iTunes at

All My Best,
Billy Kay

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